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BioYorkshire is a hive of activity - with projects and research underway to transform our environment an economy. 

This page has more details about specific projects and research under the BioYorkshire umbrella. 

Anaerobic Digestion: gaining value from waste

Human waste is a fact of life - and more efficient, less carbon-heavy solutions for its safe, effective treatment become more pressing as populations grow.

Developing hemp as an industrial crop

Hemp is an incredibly versatile crop with a variety of applications in many industries.

Developing sustainable nitrogen for agriculture

By inoculating plants with this beneficial bacterium, the plant receives nitrogen and in return supplies the bacterium with sugars and amino acids.

From flies to food

In less than three decades an additional two billion people will require sources of high-quality food, presenting a global food security challenge.

Supporting bioeconomy businesses in Scarborough

Discover how BioYorkshire is working with Anglo American to support new and emerging businesses in the Scarborough District

Turning grass to gas

The key challenge for the majority of STRI clients is the efficient management of a large volume of grass clippings generated at thousands of tonnes per year.

Turning the humble potato into high-value plant-based food ingredient

Lincoln-based agritech R&D company B-hive Innovations Ltd works alongside Branston to provide novel process for extracting nutritional ingredients for the vegetarian and vegan market.

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