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Webinar: developing innovative processes and technologies for producing biohydrogen for the UK transport sector

Updated: Apr 19

Join H2Boost to hear how we are demonstrating a commercially viable and sustainable process for producing biohydrogen which is timely and crucial for addressing environmental challenges, particularly in the transportation sector.

By integrating enzymatic pre-treatment with dark fermentation, anaerobic digestion, carbon capture and downstream processing, we aim to create a closed-loop system that maximises biohydrogen yields while minimising environmental impact. This multi-step approach not only produces biohydrogen but also generates valuable products like biomethane and biofertilisers, contributing to the circular bioeconomy.

During this webinar our academic and industrial partners will give an overview of our  ambitions and outputs. These align with the UK's ambitious target of reaching net-zero by 2050, as low carbon hydrogen-based technologies provide up to 35% of energy requirements. The growing demand for hydrogen to meet the UK net-zero ambitions will rely on processes such as those deployed by H2Boost. 

Speakers include:

Biorenewables Development Centre, Deborah Rathbone and Alex Jukes

Qube Renewables, James Rundell 

Cyanocapture, David Evans  

University of Leeds, Miller Alonso Camargo-Valero 

NNFCC, David Turley 

CM90, Chris Corner 

A Q&A session will provide an opportunity for participants to engage with experts and gain deeper insights into our objectives, methodologies, and potential impact. 

Overall our webinar promises to be an enriching experience for anyone interested in sustainable energy solutions and the future of biohydrogen technology.

H2Boost is funded through the Hydrogen BECCS Innovation Programme, part of the government's £1 billion Net Zero Innovation Portfolio.

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