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Fera Science to launch £1m Insect Laboratory at York base

Fera Science has invested £1m into creating a UK ‘first of its kind’ insect research laboratory at its base at leading bioscience hub, York Biotech Campus (YBC).

The expansion involves converting a former storage unit on site into a purpose-built insect research unit and will see the business’s presence at YBC grow by over 2,000 sq. ft.

The laboratory, which is also one of the first in Europe, will allow Fera to upscale its current insect services and help meet the needs of clients from across the food industry by being able to show insect bioconversion at scale and replicate the nature of insect farming in a factory.

Insect bioconversion is the process of feeding insects waste to create additional materials, such as protein or fertiliser, and is a hugely sustainable practice that reduces waste, provides alternative food for animal feed and reduces the environmental impact of sourcing for protein in already depleted areas, ultimately helping to combat climate change.

Services that Fera will be able to offer its clients include advising how companies can benefit from insect bioconversion to demonstrate their commitment to sustainability, as waste that usually ends in landfills can be used to benefit the circular economy instead, as well as using their waste to create an additional revenue stream.

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