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BioYorkshire features in the UK Government's National Vision for Engineering Biology

Side view of scientists conducting experiments

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The UK Government's National Vision for Engineering Biology has been published this week (5th December 2023) and along with the High Value Biorenewables Network, York Biotech Campus (HVBNet) and the Biomass Biorefinery Network (BBNet) we have been featured in a map indicating UK cluster capabilities in the UK.

We have exceptional capacity in York and North Yorkshire for the scaling up and delivery of excellence – up to 10% of the UK’s entire bioeconomy is already present in our region; including;

➡ A rural powerhouse with a rich agricultural heritage and natural landscape

➡ A strong science and research base, focused on relevant research areas

➡ National and globally leading industry and companies already based in the area

➡ New, dynamic SMEs and start-up relocation

This Vision sets out an ambition to support and grow engineering biology, allowing the UK to capture its transformational benefits. Next steps include a consultation with the community, including through the new Engineering Biology Steering Group. The Department for Science, Innovation and Technology will work across government to develop a clear plan of action for delivering this Vision.

Read the full Vision

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