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A global research and innovation powerhouse: the role for our leading institutions

George Freeman MP, Minister for Science, Research and Innovation recently gave a CSaP lecture at the University of Cambridge where he reflected on his recent visit to BioYorkshire.

""The economy is 1000s of local economies, central economies, place based economies, micro economies. The best way to grow the economy is to grow all the little ones. The best way to grow an innovation nation is to grow those acorns. Some are well established. Some are really nascent. I went the other day to BioYorkshire. It doesn't have a boundary. It doesn't yet have an identity. But when you see what they're doing at York, when you see what they're doing at Fera, when you see the plant science, the agri tech, you see that NICE are based there, there's a cluster taking shape there of excellence, we want to brand it, not put a border round it, but support it, nurture it and understand it"

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